"How to Earn Hundreds Per Hour Taking Aerial Photos With a Simple Handheld Camera"

Attention Pilots and Wanna Be Pilots: If you want to hear about a quick, easy way to start making extra money while flying then take 20 seconds and read this letter...

"Discover How a 30 Year Old, Frustrated And 'Starving' Pilot Figured Out How To Earn Money In His Spare Time With Aerial Photography -- Now You Too Can Earn Extra Cash In Your Spare Time Quickly And Easily By Duplicating His Success Using His Simple, Proven, Step-By-Step, Paint-By-The-Numbers Blueprint!"

"Let me teach you how to get started in aerial photography using a simple handheld camera and my complete video based training. The best part is that you don't need expensive photo equipment, You don't need to sell anything and you don't need to shell out a lot of money to get started."

Dear Fellow Pilot,

Do you see the aerial photograph above?

It's nothing special. It wouldn't win any awards, would it? In fact the aerial photo doesn't have value to anyone . . . except someone with a financial interest in the property.

How much value? Here's the check I received for taking the aerial photograph.

But Here's The Best Part

During that same flight I also took aerial photos of another location for another client.

I was paid a total of $985.87 (including reprints and enlargements) for that one flight!

Total flying time 1.0 hours.

Total expenses? $169.25 which includes plane rental, pilot, film, photo lab fees, etc.

My net profit for the aerial photography flight was $756.62!

Note: Taking an aerial photo of 2 or more locations on one flight is not unusual, it happens at least 50% of the time. My record is photographing 13 locations during one flight! At the end of the day I was tired, but my bank account was happy!

I don't know about you, but earning $756.62 for 1 hour of flying is still pretty exciting even after doing it for more than 15 years.

Who needs a regular pilot job. :-)

I took the above aerial photo from a plane, but you can make good money in aerial photography even if you never leave the ground!

For example look at the next aerial photograph...

This is an aerial photo also. It could have been taken from a miniature tethered blimp, a special tall tripod, a radio controlled plane or helicopter ... and you never had to leave the ground!

So whether you are flying around in a plane or helicopter, or you're staying on the ground and just putting the camera in the air ....

Welcome To The Exciting And Profitable
World Of Aerial Photography!

Here is how I got started in aerial photography...

I'm just a regular guy who has always had an interest in flying . . . probably like you.

I don't want to date myself but my first airplane ride was with the cub scouts back in 1966. As a teenager the closest thing I could get to flying was a $5"Introductory Discovery Flight" at the local Cessna FBO. After taking several, I was gently told the "Discover Flights" were a one time offer.

I'll get back to my story in a minute but first I want to tell you about this proven, sure-fire and enjoyable system to earn up to $500/hr (sometimes more) with aerial photography and deduct your flying expenses without interfering with your current employment or pilot job.

It's a secret that not 1 in a 1,000 pilots know about . . . and it works for everyone whether you're a non pilot, a student pilot or even an experienced airline pilot.

Before I explain the system to you let me ask you a question.

Would You Like To Learn
Just How Easy It Is?

Can you really earn hundreds of dollars an hour doing aerial photography each time you fly....in your spare time just taking a simple aerial photo?

Yes, you can.

I'll teach you how I do it! Whether you're a pilot who lost your medical, student pilot, someone looking for a pilot job, a 747 pilot or somewhere in between!

  • Wanna Be or Non-Pilots - A recent AOPA study found that in any given year only 14% of student pilots earn their private certificate. The number one reason for dropping out? 62% dropped out for financial reasons. Now you can be up in the air and earn money toward your license. Even if you haven't started training or have lost your medical, there is still plenty of money to be made even after you hire a pilot, plane and pay for all your expenses...even without a pilot job!
  • Private Pilots - The same AOPA report says that in any given year, 23% of private pilots will leave flying and only 3% will earn commercial certificates. Again money was the number one reason cited. Now you can earn more money (doing something you love) so you can fly more and earn other ratings.
  • CFI'S & Commercial Pilots - Don't be totally dependent on pilot jobs. The airlines have been hiring pilots right and left for the last few years...but now the airlines are losing money so pilot jobs are scarce. While you are waiting to get hired for your dream pilot job, why not earn 5-10x more per hour than what you get paid as a commuter pilot or flight instructor? Aerial photography is a great way to supplement your pilot job.
  • Airplane Owners - Ever get tired of paying for AD's, annual inspections, service bulletins, maintenance, hangar space, etc? Do you think the future will be any better? Why not use your plane to earn money and deduct the expenses? Aerial photography could be your key to doing just that!

I'll Teach You Exactly How:

  • Aerial Photography can help pay for initial/advanced flight training
  • Aerial Photography can help you earn more per hr than CFI's or commuter pilots.
  • Aerial Photography can be a back up to your current pilot job. (or non flying job)
  • Aerial Photography can allow you to deduct the cost of your flying or aircraft ownership
  • Aerial Photography can be a fun and profitable hobby

Legal Stuff: This is a real aerial photography business. Some people who go into aerial photography succeed, while others don't. Your results will vary. This is not a pilot job. I can't guarantee that you will be successful and won't promise that you'll make x amount of money each time you take an aerial photo. All I can do is teach you how I did it and provide you the tools and information that some of my students have used to become successful aerial photographers.

O.K. Back To My Story...

While I was in college I finally got the opportunity to earn my pilot license. Shortly after I decided to earn all my ratings so that some day I could get a good pilot job and fly for an airline. I worked hard and within 18 months I earned my ratings, instructed and flew air taxi to build time while waiting for the airlines to start hiring and the good pilot jobs to open up.

But unfortunately we were in the middle of an economic slowdown so not only weren't there many pilot jobs, they had a large pool of very experienced civilian and military pilots to choose from. If you were ex-military you might find a good pilot job. If not, forget it!

One Day I Went Flying With a Pilot Who Was Doing Aerial Photography In His Spare Time

I asked him if you could really make money doing aerial photography, but he mumbled something about how hard it was and how much training it took and more to discouraged me.

It wasn't until later I would realize why he wouldn't give me a direct answer and tell me how much money you could really make doing aerial photography...

While waiting for the economy to improve and pilot jobs to open up, life got in the way. Things like marriage, babies, bills etc. Ever try supporting a young family on a flight instructors pay or other low paying pilot job?

So, reluctantly, I left aviation. But in the back of my mind, I dreamed that someday  I'd find a way to earn some REAL MONEY doing what I love-FLYING!

Then a little over 15 years ago...

I Read An Article That Changed My Life!

I was reading through a flying magazine when I saw an article about a pilot who was earning hundreds of dollars per hour in aerial photography.

But frankly, I was skeptical. It seemed too good to be true!

Then I remembered the guy doing aerial photography that I used to fly around. He must have been making money doing it because I flew with him numerous times. But he was a "professional aerial photographer" and I had never taken an aerial photograph in my life!

I believed some of the same myths about aerial photography you may believe.

I thought I didn't have "the right stuff" to do aerial photography. I thought it took special skills and expensive aerial photography equipment. My camera was 20 yrs old and my only photography training was a high school course a long time ago. I thought it would be hard to find clients and there would be lots of competition.

I almost talked myself out of it, but then I thought, What if aerial photography really worked? This could be the answer I was searching for!

So, I started learning everything I could about aerial photography by trial and error. I went flying with a friend and practiced taking a simple hand held aerial photo.

When I figured out how to take a decent aerial photo, I crossed my fingers and mailed 50 crude flyers to some likely prospects.

You're Not Going To Believe What Happened

A few days later, I received an order to photograph 5 locations! 

I was excited and scared at the same time! You know that feeling I'm talking about. I still chuckle when I think of the things I did and the mistakes I made on my first aerial photography assignment . . . but mistakes and all . .

I was paid $1,253 for taking a simple aerial photo at each location!

That event changed my life. Over the last 15 years, aerial photography allowed me to buy an airplane, deduct flying expenses, earn $400-500/hr in my spare time, and stay at world class resorts absolutely FREE. I had found my dream without needing to find a pilot job.

Here's A Few More Examples
Of What Happened:
  • A local business saw my name in the phone book under aerial photography.. He wanted me to take an aerial photo of his property for advertising purposes. They paid for the helicopter rental and I charged $250 for my time. That was only the beginning. They ordered $9,850 in prints and postcards. 2/3 of that was profit! I only flew for 1 hr!
  • I received a call to take progress photos of a large construction project about 5 minutes flying time from the airport. I charge $300 each time I go up + enlargements. After each aerial photography flight they order reprints. Soon I started getting calls for reprint orders from other companies, also. Total sales so far, $7,345!

This is all from my part-time aerial photography business!

Over the years I've done over 500 aerial photography assignments, but I'm very lazy and do no selling. Clients call me when they need an aerial photo.  Aerial photography is just a part-time business for me, a fun and profitable one.

More Ambitious? Some People Earn A Substantial Full-Time Income In Aerial Photography!

Now, I don't want to mislead you:

  • Aerial Photography is not a get rich quick scheme.
  • Aerial Photography will not make you gobs of money overnight.
  • Aerial Photography does take some effort (especially to build a full time income)

The 2 big jobs I just mentioned certainly aren't the "norm." My normal aerial photography job takes less than an hour and my minimum charge per location is about $400. But some jobs are much, much larger!

What's fun is the aerial photography jobs often take no more work than the small ones. I've had a few jobs where I took 1 aerial photo and earned almost $10,000!  

In the last 20 years, I've learned a lot about building an aerial photography business.

I learned that you never have to be a pilot or even leave the ground to take aerial photographs! Here are some other "platforms" you can use:

As you can see you have a wide choice of options with aerial photography, from "real" planes and helicopters to tall masks and tripods, to tethered or R/C (radio controlled) miniature blimps, planes and helicopters.

Warning! Each of these ways to do aerial photography has it's own advantages and disadvantages. Some of these methods have serious limitations for commercial photography. I've had people contact me who have invested thousands of dollars and/or months of frustration only to find out if they had chosen a different method in the beginning, they could have had their business going in a fraction of the time and for almost no up front investment.

No Prior Experience Required

I've helped many other people, many without any photography or flying experience quickly start their own profitable aerial photography business.

For example here are two of the people I've helped on opposite sides of the flying spectrum:

"I'm A Student Pilot... I've Doubled
My Profits In The Last 2 Months"

"Ron, thanks for producing such a great aerial photography program. I'm a student pilot. My instructor does the flying and I take the aerial photo. I started out with an old 35 mm camera. Things have gone so well that I've doubled my profits in the last 2 months and have bought a new medium format camera. I've even done aerial photography for WalMart."

Kevin F. - Student Pilot    


"I Didn't Expect To Get So Much Aerial Photography Training For So Little Money... May Even Take An Early Retirement."

"Ron, your course is great. It's helped me turn my personal airplane into a very profitable, tax deductible business. I didn't expect to get so much training for so little money. Although I enjoy flying for the majors, I know my pilot job is only as secure as my next line check or physical. It's nice to have something else going. I may even take an early retirement. I really enjoy aerial photography."

Kerry R. - Airline Captain

I'm Convinced That You Can Also Do Aerial Photography, But Don't Just Take My Word For It...

"I Will Always Credit You And Your Course For Giving Me The Confidence..."

"Ron, I quit my job and started my own aerial photography business... I'm making money flying! my aerial photography business is doing very well. I want to thank you for all the help that you gave me when I was learning about this business. I credit you for giving me the confidence and knowledge to actually start an aerial photography business...It has changed my life in so many ways!

Name Removed- Due to many people contacting him for free help

Legal Stuff: Some of those testimonials represent exceptional results,
and aren't indicative of average performance.
Your results in aerial photography will vary!


Now Let's Clear Up Any Misunderstandings You
May Have About Aerial Photography:

  • "It takes expensive aerial photography equipment to get started". Wrong! - You don't need expensive aerial photography equipment to take a good aerial photo. You can start with a 35mm adjustable camera or digital camera. You probably already have one. If not, I'll tell you where to get one cheap!

  • "It takes advanced aerial photography training or talent." Wrong! Believe me, I have very limited photography skills and I'd starve if I tried to make money as any other type of photographer. All you need is basic aerial photography skills and the techniques in my training course. Need more help?  I'll tell you where to get it almost FREE.

  • "It takes a lot of time." Wrong! You can start a part time aerial photography business without interfering with your current pilot job or non flying job, then go full time if you choose.

  • "You need your own airplane." Wrong! Sure, I used the money I earned in aerial photography to buy my own airplane, but years later someone made me a good offer and I sold it. Until I buy another one, I'm just renting a plane when I need to take an aerial photo. There is still plenty of money to be made even if you rent.

  • "You have to be a salesman or sell door to door". Wrong! Some people earn money in aerial photography by taking aerial photos of homes or businesses on speculation-then try to talk people into buying them. If this appeals to you, good...but it's not for me! Using my marketing techniques people call me to take an aerial photo. I'm lazy, I don't do any selling whatsoever.You don't have to sell at all if you don't want to. I'll give you many marketing techniques. You decide how aggressive you want to be.

  • "It sounds too good to be true." Wrong! I won't kid you, aerial photography does take some work, but are you willing to work a little for the chance to earn money in such an enjoyable way?


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